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Ever given we detected that A – Pat McGrath is Creative Advisor during Dolce Gabbana make adult and B – they do a good line of foundations for women of all colours, I’ve been all over their range.

One of my favourite products is a black kohl eye pencil; if anyone is going to get a voluptuous eye pencil right it’s going to be an Italian brand!

Their Love in Taormina nail lacquer collection contains colour cocktail splendid hues desirous by a Spring/Summer 2013 catwalk. The lacquers have been named after Italian flowers: Bouganville a abounding fuchsia with a hold of purple, Ibisco a dim pinkish with coral undertones, Oleandro a soothing pearlescent pink, Iris a low violet and Camelia a fluorescent coral.

I attempted a high gleam and matte tip coats and a lacquers in Iris (my fave), Bouganville, Oleandro and Camelia (all £19).

bccbe dolce gabbana summer nail polish Dolce & Gabbana Love in Taormina Collection

l – r: Matte tip coat, Iris, Bouganville, Oleandro, Camelia, High Shine tip coat

They’ve outdone themselves tip cloak correct as we can select between a high gleam jelly like finish or my favourite, a severely voluptuous matte. High Shine tip lacquer contains solid powder to interpose strength into a nails and grasp a mirror-like shine, progressing a colour and lengthening a wear of your favourite lacquer shade; while a Matte tip lacquer dries to a fluffy matte effect, to concurrently safety a colour and wear.

Creative Advisor, Pat McGrath says: “I like to use colours that unequivocally cocktail for limit impact, such as Iris on a bottom of a spike and afterwards a tip in Ibisco. Then, play with hardness by requesting initial a matte tip cloak and afterwards a high gleam tip cloak on a fuchsia tip.”

We crawl to your knowledge Ms McGrath!

All lacquers £19. Available from Harrods (in store and online).


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